Objective, real time diagnosis

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Endofotonics aims to build a people-centric, open learning organization guided by the following core values:

People-centricity People is the reason for our existence. Our employees are our first priority. They will contribute to the betterment of patients in an environment of empowerment, growth and development.
Audacity To have the courage to dream and achieve the seemingly impossible. To break new ground, fail fast and learn big & quick.
Transparency To innovate and achieve through teamwork & co-creation within and beyond the company through open communication and integrity.

We are looking to recruit a team of engineers with industry experience in medical device product development and expertise in bio-photonics, bio-spectroscopy, bio-imaging and/or software algorithm and database development.

Importantly the candidate must be a self driver with a ‘never-say-die’ attitude. He must enjoy overcoming constant challenges and be motivated by the thrill and satisfaction of problem solving, and making a difference to people.


Current job openings include:

  • Engineer, System Integration


Please contact us if you are interested in exploring the opportunity.