“To reduce mortality and disease burden with objective real time molecular diagnosis during endoscopy, that is accessible to all.”



“To shape a future where in-vivo molecular diagnosis can be made for timely medical interventions.”

  • “We are honored to be placed at No 1 on this list.” MDT’s Top 10 list from the Medica and CompaMed shows, which took place in Dusseldorf, Germany.

    Top 10 from Medica & CompaMed 2014
  • “The ability of the IMDX system to diagnosis even pre-cancerous cells in real time is exciting. It’s potential to reduce new cancer cases and death is what motivates me to invest and advise the team”

    Mr Lu YohChie Founder & Chairman Biosensors International Group
  • “Endofotonics’ IMDX system is an enabling technology for cancer management. It can diagnose pre-cancerous cells which EndoMaster’s robotic system can remove immediately during the same endoscopic procedure”

    Prof Louis Phee Co-founder, CEO, Endomaster Pte Ltd